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2017 Review Of The Citibank India CashBack Credit Card

Citi Makes Getting Cash Back Easier Than Ever

Updated 2017: Review of CitiBank Cashback Card


Review Of The Citibank Cash Back Credit CardWhile paying bills was easy with credit cards, through its Cashback Card, CitiBank has really gone one step ahead to make it exciting and easier for its customers. It is not just about paying bills through the card and done, the cash back card actually provides some exciting monetary and non-monetary discounts to its users. Thus, along with spending, you also get to save and earn through Cashback Cards.

Benefits of A Cashback Card

Initially I was a bit sceptical about the whole concept of Citibank’s Cashback card, but when I went ahead with it, I realized that it makes your life simpler and easier. Rather, it’s simply smarter to use a card like this for day to day purchases. It is a smart choice that helps you equate your expenditure and incomes. On paying my utility bills, I got 5% cash back through this card. Who wouldn’t want 5% off of life’s necessities? Well, not just that, here is a list of benefits of owning a CitiBank Cashback Card:

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  •  A discount of 5% on movie ticket purchases as well as telephone bills and 0.5% cash back on other spending.
  •  Automated redemption in multiples of Rs. 500 in the form of credit statement.
  •  Availability of Equity Monthly Instalment facility.
  •  Optimum flexibility in interest rates being charged.
  •  Integration with other services like SMS banking, mobile banking, CitiPhone Banking.
  •    A complete account tracking activity through SMS alerts.
  •   24/7 customer helpline to address queries regarding Cashback card.
  •   A comprehensive value-added Services provision on Cashback card.

Okay! So now that I have listed down a list of monetary privileges, I am sure you must be

wondering about the non-monetary benefit, aren’t you?

Non-monetary benefits 

These are not exactly on monetary but not monetary either. I have broadly categorised them into three categories so that it becomes easier to grasp at once.

1.      EMI PRIVILEGES – When EMI facility is optional to you, don’t you think you should choose the amount as well? The CitiBank Cashback Card allows you to choose and decides upon the amount of your EMI on about 2000 consumer electronics and mobile phones outlets. Now that is some privilege isn’t it?

2.      SHOPPING PRIVILEGES – I understand the pain of shopping especially towards the end of the month, but here is the catch of Citibank Cashback Card. You get to enjoy discounts and offers over your favourite brands across the country. Isn’t it more like spending and earning at the same time?

3.      DINING PRIVILEGES – If you decide to pay through your CitiBank Cashback card, you will enjoy the dining privilege. Up to 20% saving across the 2000 restaurants is what this privilege is all about.

Now that I have described the kinds of benefits this Citibank Cashback card provides, I am sure you must have got a brief idea about it. You can also check out the website of the company in order to have much more detailed insight or connect to them over a call as well. Citibank Cash card actually saves up you start spending it.

CreditSmart Review: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The Citibank CashBack is a well rounded card is packed with features to accomodate almost any lifestyle. It’s effortless free cash back. Easy to understand, yes? Overall the Citibank Cash Back card is a necessary card, especially if your belief is in living life king size! We recommend it. Apply Here.


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