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Review: HDFC MoneyBack Card Pays You Cash

HDFC MoneyBack Card Review

Let HDFC Pay You With The MoneyBack Card

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card ReviewRemember the time when the only thing banks could offer was an account and few pebbles of interest rates? Well suffice to say, the banking features and the economy as a whole has improved in recent years. Cards are now PAYING YOU to use them! We’re not kidding. Read on.

Today we have our take on one relatively recent card, the HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card. Go on, follow the trail.

What’s the HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card?

  • A banking company started back in 1994, HDFC has been making spurts of growth with its innovative offerings. They recently introduced these HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card a year back.
  • It’s a unique cashback credit card which offers reward points on retail outings. Once you accumulate enough rewards points, you can trade them for cashback. The current term is Rs 40 for every 100 reward points.
  • Picture it, with every chunk of cash you dispense with, you’ll get cashback reward, that’s something rare in the world of credit cards.

Move along for the further deduction of the card.

Features of HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card

Here’re some features for you. Read along. 

  • You can avail rewards up to Rs 250 on fuel purchases with the fuel surcharge waiver.
  • One can apply for the interest-free days up to 50 from the date of purchase.
  • The current reward point mechanism awards 2 reward point for every spending of Rs 150.
  • You may report the loss of card to the bank and the consequent fraudulent transactions will have zero liability for you.
  • If you’re prone to security thefts, here’s one for you. This card is equipped with a microchip that makes every transaction secure and encrypted.

Benefits and rewards 

Who wouldn’t love some rewards? Here’s a few of them.

  • Save On Fuel Purchases

The feature of fuel surcharge waiver allows you to save up to 1800 every year of fuel purchases.

  • First Year fee and Renewal fee waiver

If you happen to bill Rs 10000 within 90 days of card issue, your first-year fee will be waived. The cut-off for renewal fee waiver is Rs 50000.

  • Cash back on spending sprees

You’ll have the opportunity to earn up to 2000 reward points for spending spree of Rs 2.5 lakhs.

Are You Eligible? Probably, Yes

You’re in a rush to get yourself one of them, aren’t you? How about you go through the eligibility and documentation procedure first? 

  • Salaried employees

You should fall into the age bracket of 21-60 years.

  • Self-employed

The age bracket is a minimum of 21 years and a maximum of 65 years.

  • Required Documents
  • An identity proof as is the case with all banking cards.
  • An address proof of the candidate.
  • Any documents showcasing income as PAN card, Income Tax returns and more.

Apart from these documents, you’ll need to have a reliable credit history and a constant cycle of revenue.

Expenses Related within 

As with the matter of finances, the expenses varies for the cardholders, the interest rate you get will change based on your credit history. Normally the expenses involve annual fees and renewal fees.

CreditSmart Rating: 

A definite go-to option for anyone who is making alot of retail purchases. The card will literally pay you back a bit on every retail outing of yours. More money in your pocket for next time!  Time to change the way you shop, don’t you think? Getting paid for using a credit card is just common sense these days. Apply here for the HDFC Bank MoneyBack Card and get your hands on one of these.

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