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Review of ICICI Banks HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card

Review Of The ICICI Bank Coral Amex Card

Lots Of Value While Spending With The ICICI Coral Amex

Review Of The ICICI Bank Coral Amex Card

ICICI bank is the second biggest bank in India in terms of its assets. The bank has a memorable and long history in the Indian banking records. Furthermore, ICICI Bank credit cards are quite popular among customers. It offers premier choices in terms of credit cards in India.

Overview of the ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card

  • Designed to offer maximum fuel perks
  • Offers cash back and fuel surcharge waivers on fuel transactions
  • Accelerated rewards for fuel redemption at all HPCL petrol stations

Benefits of the ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card

1. Reward points

  • Earn reward points on all your retail transactions
  • Receive 6 reward points, when you spend Rs. 100 on fuel at HPCL petrol stations
  • Redeem 2000 reward points for fuel worth Rs. 500
  • Get 2 reward points on all other retail transactions

2. Cash back offers

  • Receive 2.5% cash back and savings on all your fuel transactions at any HPCL petrol pump
  • Get cash back up till Rs. 100, when you swipe this credit card

3. Entertainment deals

Earn a discount of Rs. 100 on two movie tickets per month on your purchase of movie tickets through Due to limited tickets in this scheme, the discount is offered on the basis of first come, first serve.


4. Culinary Treats program

Save 15% of your money at over 800 affiliated restaurants. For this, you can download the culinary treats mobile app from Google Play and the Apple Store or visit their website.

Special American Express perks

1. Shopping Connection

You can enjoy shopping at European and US stores by registering with any of the global shipping partners of American Express, like, eshopex, Bongo international, etc. Get your orders at your doorstep, save your shipping money, and cash in on enhanced shipping solutions. Plus, there are no setup or activation charges.

2. Global Dining Program

Receive exclusive offers at affiliated restraunts worldwide, when you pay your dining bills with this card. You can get a discount of 20% on your food check, a free dessert, wine bottle, or appetizer.

3. American Express Selects

You receive a host of deals, discounts, and offers on dining, shopping, entertainment, and travel across the world.

4. Lounge access

Cardholders get complimentary access to several airport lounges within India.

5. EzeClick

The EzeClick facility for American Express cards allows you to only enter one ID, whenever you shop with your American Express card, without entering any of the other card information.

Features of the ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card

1. No annual fees

When you spend Rs. 50,000 or more on this card in a year, the annual fees of Rs. 199 is waived for that year.

2. Fuel surcharge waiver

Save the fuel surcharge fees of 2.5%, when you purchase fuel up to Rs. 4,000 at any of the HPCL pumps using this credit card.

3. Low interest

You can receive low interest rates on this card, as much as 1.25% per month. The interest rates are determined as per your repayment and purchase behavior, credit history, loyalty, etc. In case of non-payment, the highest interest rates can be 3.50% per month. You also get to enjoy 18 to 48 days of grace periods that are free of interest.

4. Embedded with a microchip

A microchip, embedded in this card, prevents duplicate cards and counterfeiting, with enhanced security. The PIN (Personal Identification Number) works as an extra security layer.

Fees and Charges of the ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card

  • Joining fees: Rs. 199
  • Annual fees: Rs. 199 (Waived for the initial year)
  • Supplementary card: Rs. 0
  • Interest rates: 1.25% to 3.50%
  • Cash advance fees: Rs. 300 per transaction or 2.5% of the withdrawal amount
  • Rewards redemption fees: Up till Rs. 99
  • Over limit charges: 2.5% of the over limit amount with a minimum of Rs. 500

CreditSmart Review:

The ICICI Bank HPCL Coral American Express Credit Card is meant for people who want to reduce their fuel bills. It allows cardholders to keep their fuel costs under check by offering them zero fuel surcharge and powerful cash back offers. Moreover, card members receive accelerated rewards that can be cashed in as fuel at any HPCL petrol pump. ICICI has this and other worthy cards for your wallet. If you’re ready, you can apply below.

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  • Jay, nice article. I selected the same card for my parents based on their lifestyle. But I believe there’s an important point you missed to mention. Location based usability is a big issue for AMEX cards in general, including this one. I live in a tier II city in India. As it turns out, most POS machines in retail stores have ‘not’ signed up for AMEX supported cards. The card simply doesn’t work at most stores in my city, except at HPCL stations. This could’ve been the best credit card for my parents, but alas !! they’re gonna have to wait until a significant number of retail stores sign up for AMEX supported cards. Had to return the card :(.

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