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Review of the IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card

IDBI Euphoria World Card Review

Euphoria World Credit Card Good But Not Euphoric

Euphoria Card ReviewIDBI bank offers its Euphoria World Credit Card for those who want to experience a journey full of tranquility and elation. With this credit card, you can take a vacation to a tropical paradise, stay in some of the most exotic resorts, and treat your taste buds to different cuisines in first class restaurants.

Overview of the IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card

  • This card packs in a lot of exclusive offers and exciting gifts
  • Travel enthusiasts can benefit from this credit card

Benefits of the IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card

1. Welcome Offer

Receive 4,000 Delight Points, when you spend atleast Rs. 1,500 on your first transaction within 2 months of opening your card account.

2. High on Rewards

  • Receive 6 Delight Points, when you spend Rs. 100 on travel related purchases, such as Hotels, Airlines, Bus Bookings, IRCTC, etc.
  • Get 3 Delight Points on all other purchases

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3. Point Redemption

  • Redeem your reward points against various handpicked souvenirs and gifts as per your preferences and lifestyle
  • Redeem your points against cash in your credit card account

4. Annual Bonus Delight Points

Receive 2000 Delight Points, when you pay the annual fee on this card every year.

5. Fuel Surcharge Waiver

Drive on with a fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5% on all fuel stations every time you use your IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card for filling fuel for transactions between Rs. 400 and Rs. 5,000. Note that the maximum fuel surcharge waiver is of Rs. 500 per month.

6. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access

Get access to select airport lounges across India in order to enjoy a luxury treatment. Irrespective of your class or airline, you can use the various facilities offered at these airport lounges, so that you can take some rest, escape from airport chaos, and relieve yourself of travel fatigue.

7. Free Air Travel Accident Insurance Cover

Get air travel accident insurance coverage of Rs. 25 Lakhs with this card, no matter if you are on a business trip or a leisure trip.

8. MasterCard Offers

  • Get exclusive deals on hotel, airport shopping, and car rentals
  • Benefit from MasterCard’s travel concierge services

Features of the IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card

1. Interest Free Card

  • You can enjoy a free interest credit grace period of up till 48 days on your spends
  • Manage your payments as you want
  • Pay the minimum amount due, total outstanding balance, or any other balance greater than the minimum outstanding amount

2. Wider Acceptance

Use this card at more than 29 million merchants overseas and more than 9 Lakh merchants across India.

3. Zero Lost Card Liability

If your card gets stolen and you report this to the IDBI bank, thereafter the card will be instantly blocked. In case any fraudulent transaction occurs after this, then the bank will cover it.

4. Add-on Cards

Gift add on cards to any of your family members above 18 years and enjoy all the features and benefits of the primary credit card, while clubbing and redeeming the Delight Points.

Fees and Charges of the IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card

  • Joining fees: Rs. 1,499
  • Annual fees: Rs. 1,499 (waived for the first year)
  • Renewal fees: Rs. 0
  • Annual fees for add-on card: Rs. 0
  • Renewal fees for add-on card: Rs. 0
  • Interest on revolving credit facility per month: 2.90%
  • Cash advance transaction fees: Rs. 300 or 2.5% of transaction fee (whichever is higher)
  • Interest on cash advance per month: 2.90%
  • Foreign currency transactions: 3.5 % of the transaction amount
  • Balance transfer fees: Rs. 199 or 1.5% of the balance transfer amount (whichever is higher)

The bottom line

The IDBI Bank Euphoria World Credit Card is for people who travel frequently. If you do not travel much, then go for some other card that offers rewards on everyday spending. It’s a good card but there’s more well rounded cards on the market that are better at earning rewards. We would recommend only if you have a strong preference for IDBI, otherwise try something from Citibank or SBI.

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