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Review Of The HDFC Regalia Credit Card

HDFC Regalia Credit Card Review

Love Rewards? The HDFC Regalia Credit Card Could Be Right For You

HDFC Regalia Credit Card ReviewIf you are looking for a credit card that is high on luxury and travel benefits, HDFC Regalia Credit card is the right card for you. It comes with a wide range of features and benefits.

Let’s see the benefits offered by the card in detail.

 Credit card fees

Currently HDFC is offering lifetime free offer on the HDFC Regalia credit card. This is a limited time offer and the bank may withdraw this offer at any time, so if you are planning to use it, you may as well take it now.

Best in rewards scheme

The HDFC Regalia credit card offers best rewards for your credit card spending. You earn 4 reward points for every 150 rupees spent through the card. The reward points increases (8 reward points for every 150 rupees spent) when you use your HDFC credit card for booking tickets through,, and

You also earn 8 rewards for every 150 rupees spent when you use the credit card at standalone restaurants. You can collect and redeem these reward points for purchases at, or you can convert them into AirMiles of leading domestic and international airlines.

Preferential financial benefits

As an owner of the HDFC Regalia Credit card, you will enjoy a range of preferential financial benefits that other credit card holders may not enjoy. Some of the financial benefits that are provided to you are 0% fuel surcharge, lowest foreign currency markup, and convenient payment option for repaying your credit bill.

When you use the credit card for fuel purchases, you enjoy 0% fuel surcharge. You can avail maximum of 500 INR every billing cycle as a refund of fuel surcharge. You also get a 2% foreign currency markup on all your foreign currency spends. You can choose to pay only 5% of the total due amount and carry forward the balance to next billing cycle at an interest of 1.99% per month, which is lower than what many other cards offer.

Personal Concierge services

A personal concierge service is useful if you travel frequently. As a proud owner of HDFC Regalia credit card, you can customize your travel plan with Global Concierge Assistance.

The personal concierge service can do more than hotel or airline bookings. You can book a private yacht or book a chartered flight or even deliver flowers to your loved one. The concierge service can be used for event planning, international gift delivery, airport VIP service, reservation assistance, itinerary planning, and private dining assistance

Complimentary lounge access

If you are a frequent traveler, a facility to access airport lounge comes across as a blessing. As a member of HDFC Regalia credit card family, you get preferential and free access to over 700 airport lounges around the world. At an airport lounge, you can access facilities such as conference rooms, internet, faxes and phone.  Every year you get 12 free accesses to Priority Pass lounges.

Complimentary memberships

Along with your HDFC Regalia Credit card, you also get complimentary memberships of Taj Epicure Plus and Club Vistara Silver.

The Taj Epicure Plus membership gives you exquisite benefits at Taj hotels and resorts. You earn Epicure points on your food and beverages at participating restaurants in India. You can redeem these Epicure points for exotic holidays and memorable meals at the Taj or use them to settle your dining bills. You also receive exclusive gifts on being a member of Taj Epicure Plus club.

The Club Vistara Silver membership gives you 6 Club Vistara points for every 100 rupees spent on all Vistara flights. You also enjoy priority Airport Check-in and boarding and additional 5Kg baggage allowance.

Dining privileges 

The HDFC Regalia Credit card provides some exclusive dining benefits not available to other credit card holders. You get complimentary delights and also save on the dining bill when you dine at leading hotel chains like Vivanta at Taj, Mariott hotels, Hyatt hotels and many more.


Your nominated kin will get a compensation of 1 crore in event of your Air accidental death. You also get a protection of rupees 15 lakhs against any medical emergency when you are traveling within or outside your home country.


Looking at the benefits offered by HDFC Regalia credit card, there is no doubt it is the best card for frequent travelers and people having an opulent lifestyle. The only thing that is lacking is that HDFC has not provided any insurance against misuse of card nor there are any clear instructions about procedure and time required for card replacement.

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  • HDFC Regalia has pathetic customer service. They wouldn’t resolve dispute on time. They will play games of taking the disputed amount out of your outstanding balance and then add it back in your next statement. If you notice and ask why did you put it back, Customer service agent will tell you deduct the amount and pay for the rest. In next statement you will see finance changes put on top of that outstanding amount and you will be asked to pay not only disputed amount but also finance charges which would be steep. Pl don’t apply for this card.

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