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Review: Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Card

Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Review

Standard Chartered’s Exclusive Card Rewards Shoppers

Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum CardAll the shoppers out there, this card is for you. The Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card is one of the best credit cards for shopping enthusiasts, with its extremely targeted offers and rewards. This card wants customers to shop till they drop! This co-branded credit card offered by Standard Chartered is primarily designed for frequent shoppers who like a little something extra for all the things they’re charging.

The Inner Circle card aims to make you happy, with its fascinating cash back schemes, reward points, and redemption offers. So, grab your shopping bags and leave your cash at home!

Look at the benefits of the Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card and know for yourself.

Benefits of the Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card
• Earn up to 6% value back or nine times reward points at all Inner Circle-affiliated and Lifestyle stores
• Receive 5% cash back when you swipe this card at Auchan Stores in India
• When you apply for this credit card and become a member of the Inner Circle program, you receive coupons worth Rs. 2500
• Special privileges like extra sale discounts and exclusive previews at Lifestyle stores

Additional benefits
If this is not enough for you, then have a look at some other benefits of this astounding credit card.
• This card is free till you live
• Redeem your reward points at Lifestyle and affiliated stores
• Receive up to 9 reward points when you spend Rs. 100 at Home Centre or Lifestyle
• Earn 2 reward points per Rs. 100 that you spend on all other purchases

Features of the Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card

1. Global acceptance
This card is accepted in over 19 million MasterCard and VISA establishments across the world, including more than 1.1 lakh establishments in Nepal and India.

2. Balance transfer option
You can transfer your outstanding balance to this card from any of your other credit card at striking interest rates.

3. Supplementary cards
You can gift the convenience and security of this card to anyone.

4. Revolver facility
The card has a flexible payment option of revolving credit, which enables you to pay only 5% of your card’s outstanding amount each month.

5. Teledraft
To make it more convenient, you get to enjoy the card facilities at your doorstep.

6. Cash advance facility
Are you in urgent need of cash? Don’t worry, as the Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card offers you cash advance options, with which you can withdraw money anytime from its ATMs. Standard Chartered has over 20,000 ATMs in India and 1.5 million ATMs across the world. However, you must read the credit criteria of the bank before availing this facility.

7. Check collection boxes
Pay for your card by dropping a check at one of the many check collection boxes that are conveniently placed across the nation.

8. Instabuys
Want to make a big purchase, but cannot afford it right now? Use the Instabuy facility of this card and pay in simple installments for your high-value purchases at attractive interest rates.

9. Railway or airline counters
Use this card for purchasing airline or railway tickets online or at airline and railway counters.

Fees and tariffs
• Joining fees: Rs. 399
• Annual fee: Waived off for the first year
• Renewal fees (2nd year onwards): Rs. 750
• No supplementary card fees
• Multiple Card fees: Rs. 750
• Rate of Interest: 3.15%
• You need atleast 143 reward points for redemption

CreditSmart Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️
The Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum Credit Card is great for you if you are a frequent shopper at malls, especially Lifestyle stores. With this card, you can take advantage of some amazing cash back offers, reward points, and discounts. However, if you are the type of person who just shops once in a while, then think twice before you apply for this card. It’s not the most well rounded rewards card, and many people will want something a little more versatile. However, if you’re a shopper at heart,  Apply Here for this great card.

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