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How To Save Money With A Fuel Credit Card

Save Money With Fuel Rewards Cards

A Fuel Credit Card Can Save You More Than You Think Improving India's Credit EverydayThe purpose of applying for a credit card differs from individual to individual. Some prefer the air miles and lounge access offered, while others may prefer a card that has best online shopping benefits. Well, nearly everyone drives, making fuel reward cards a boon for many. Banks have capitalized on this situation by offering customers various options to save money and earn incredible rewards when they pay for fuel with their credit card.

Fuel credit cards are preferred by those who spend more on fuel due to reasons such as having a job that requires frequent travelling such as commuting to office, transport, courier service and others and for those who enjoy travelling. The rewards can add up fast!

Since there are several credit cards with exclusive fuel offers, card applicants need to know, which card would save them money effectively. Here are some tips:

Money saved

Consider the money you have saved via the discounts and rewards offered on the fuel purchase.

Fuel outlets

This is a very important feature to consider, as only certain credit cards offer discounts on fuel purchase from all fuel outlets in India. So, you should know whether credit card payment option and fuel benefits are present in the outlet, before you use it.

Surcharge waiver

Some banks offer full surcharge waiver, while a few offer waiver of a particular percentage. Knowing about the surcharge details will help in choosing the card that saves best on the surcharge waiver.

Annual fee charges

Credit cards with special fuel benefits usually have a high annual fee than the regular credit cards. The only choice to have a no annual fee card  in such a case is by spending the minimum required amount per year, failing which a high fee is charged annually.

Hassle free redeem feature

While redeeming rewards and other discount benefits is a great feature, many credit cards have a complex redeeming procedure that prevents cardholders from using the feature altogether. So to have the best value for the money you spend on fuel via credit card, you need to look at how easy the redeem feature is.

Credit cards with Fuel benefits

Now that you know about the various features to consider in a fuel credit card to save money, here is a list of the top fuel saving Indian credit cards:

Indian Oil Platinum and Titanium


  • 4 turbo reward points for every INR 150 spent on fuel purchase
  • Redeem turbo points for fuel free of charge. One point is eligible for 1 INR worth free fuel
  • For fuel bill over INR 10,000, 4x turbo reward points are given for each INR 150 spent up to INR 10,000
  • 2.5 percent fuel surcharge waiver

Apply For The Indian Oil Titanium


HPCL Coral from ICICI


  • 5 pay back points for each INR 100 spent
  • Redeem  pay back reward points of 2000 for fuel valued at INR 500
  • 2.5 percent on a minimum of INR 4000 done for fuel transaction


Apply For The ICICI Coral



HPCL Platinum from ICICI

ICICI Platinum Credit Card -

  • 5 points pay back for every INR 100 spent
  • 2.5 percent on maximum spend of INR 4000 on fuel transaction
  • Cash back offer of 2.5 percent



Apply For The ICICI Platinum Card


Titanium Card from Standard Chartered

titanium credit card

  • Card benefits can be availed at all IOC, BPCL, Reliance and HPCL outlets
  • 5 percent cash back for fuel purchase
  • 5 percent cash return on gas, water, electricity bills and phone bills of all service providers
  • 2.5 percent fuel surcharge waiver


Apply For Standard Chartered Credit Cards


Apply for the one you feel you can most benefit from, and start earning rewards for the places you were going anyway! And of course, Drive Safe!

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