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SBI Platinum Card Review⎜Experience Life In The Platinum Way

SBI Platinum Card Review⎜Experience Life In The Platinum Way

SBI Platinum, A Getaway Towards Rewards

SBI Platinum Card Review⎜Experience Life In The Platinum WayWhat’s going on with credit cards these days? Heck, there’s one for every nick and gains. Might as well say, it’s almost time plastic money usurps the cash one. But are all these nifty offerings of credit card up to the task? Can’t answer with same vigor for all, but we’ve got just the right offering for you.

Primed as a getaway to ‘Experience Life in a True Platinum’, SBI Platinum Card is what we’ve picked up for today. Rightly holding its stature as one of the most illustrated credit cards available around, this one is a piece to behold. It comes with a great valor of benefits and perks often unseen on other credit card offerings.

Why not run a rule over the card and seek whether the claim to experience life truly in a platinum way beholds for it in our SBI Platinum Card Review? Shall we?

Features of SBI Platinum Card 

Going through the feature line of the card, we’re amazed by the plethora of offerings awarded by SBI Platinum Card. Rather than being heavy on the paper and cringe in the performance, it picks itself up as a heavily incentive based one. No doubt, truly a platinum card.

What’s new? 

  • The card comes with an account tracking system either via phone or online banking anytime and anywhere. The card holder, in fact, platinum users to name it, can earn up to 40000 reward points which can be redeemed later on. You can seek e-statements of the transactions and can even have leeway with the Easy Bill Pay facility provided by the card.

What’s not so new? 

  • It has an access into premium lounge and golf course, Ah, not to forget, in cases of theft or loss, you can instantly seek help via the helpline round the clock and get it replaced upon.

Benefits of SBI Platinum Card 

Right, then we’re here to rave about the benefits now. Why don’t we look at it in different perspective, kind of unmatched benefits and the common benefits?

Unmatched Benefits 

  • Let’s start off right from the beginning. You can get a welcome gift coupon worth INR 3000 at the time of signing up for the card. You’ll be in line to avail reward points for every spending of yours in international travels, supermarkets, and restaurants.
  • The SBI Platinum Card allows you to have free access to airport lounge as part of the Priority program. You can even check into golf courses across the nation as part of the complimentary gift upon being a platinum card holder. You can also seek a special privilege which allows you an anniversary gift coupon valued at INR 3000 at the start of next year.

The common benefits 

  • And then there’s the length of other benefits like SMS alerts, email notification and more along with easy handling, which to say the least, isn’t new to the scene.

Eligibility & Documents

It’s pretty much accessible for all eligible candidates fulfilling the below-mentioned criteria-

  • The individual should be aged above 21 yrs. and less than 60 yrs. and be in earning capacity.
  • He/She should submit national ID card, address proofs, and income papers as part of the application procedure.


Fees & Charges 

The fees for the card is in line with what most of the credit card costs around. It has a one-time joining fee of Rs 2999 which shall remain as annual charges for every year of membership. The card holder can also avail a credit that free of interest for a period of 20 to 50 days.

The card offers a finance charge of 3.35% per month and a cash advance fee of 2.5% of the transaction. You can also transact at domestic ATM’s at a charge of Rs 300 and at International ATM’s at the charge of 3% of the transaction amount.

Verdict on the card 

  • Going by the norms, this card is favorable at the outset for those seeking better privileges and bangs for the buck. Upon sighting deep enough, this card has a mirage of avails and gains that can’t be matched by any of its counterparts.
  • In a nutshell, this one is truly a platinum piece to boast about. So get on with it and enjoy the privileges on offer. You can apply for your piece here.

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