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SBI Simply Save Credit Card Review

SBI Simply Save Credit Card Review

Is The SBI Simply Save Card Worthy Of Your Wallet?

There are several so-called ‘savings cards’ out there, but SBI’s version seems to be a class apart. Not only does it come highly rated (a little less than 100 user ratings), the card packs quite the savings punch. As long as you are over 21 and below 60 years of age, the card is open to you along with multiple benefits.

  • For fuel transactions between INR 500 and INR 3,000, you get a surcharge waiver of 2.5%.
  • Cash withdrawal rewards include INR 100 off on your first ATM withdrawal within 30 days of card approval.
  • Expenses made for movies, groceries, in department stores, and for dining avail ten times the reward earnings.
  • If you spend INR 2,000 within 60 days of card approval, you get 2,000 bonus points added to the card.
  • For every INR 100 that you spend in other categories, you gain 1 reward point.
  • These reward points can be redeemed either in the Rewards Catalogue page to buy gifts or against any outstanding balance in the credit card.


The benefits speak for themselves. It seems almost too good to be true; especially considering how little they ask, you to spend and how long they give you time to do so. For example, you have 60 whole days to spend a measly 2,000 bucks and you get 2,000 points as reward, which you can then redeem (if you are smart and practical) to pay off outstanding balances in this very credit card. It is as if they want you to be happy, which cannot really be said of banks in general.

  • What about overseas travel? A renowned and respected site like TripAdvisor has conducted a study that has revealed a 21% increase in foreign travel bookings by Indians.
  • The savings potential in the SBI Simply Save is applicable even abroad. Imagine the points you can accumulate and the savings you are certain to enjoy.
  • After all, when you go abroad, are you really telling us you are not going to spend a dime after airfare?

With 24/7 access to your money and the chance to pay off utilities using SBI’s easy bill facilities, this card is going places. It brings ample versatility to your financial life.

  • Making large purchases? You have exclusive EMI options.
  • Add-on card features are indeed available; parents, kids, spouse, and so on. The kids need to be 18 or over and you need to have a talk with the missus on extravagant spending. Other than these, you are good to go.
  • You have mini-statements, email, and SMS options to help you keep track of expenses. Every transaction you make will send an alert your way.
  • For minimum INR 500 you spend on fuel expenses, you get 2.5% surcharge waiver not more than INR 100 per transaction, though.
  • Any accumulated points can be used to pay off outstanding card amounts, no particulars.

If in one year you spend INR 75,000 or more, you do not need to pay the annual membership fee of INR 499 for the next year. As time goes, you could see renewed savings options for this card. Want the SBI Simply Save? It’s as easy as visiting SBI and applying for one.

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