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Standard Chartered Card Hacked, How To Rebuild CIBIL?

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This week a question came in from user Raghava, who unfortunately has had a credit card hacked. Looking to rebuild CIBIL, Raghava is looking for answers.


My StanChat credit card got hacked and someone from UK made online transactions. Bank claims that I am responsible and my CIBIL is impacted. In this regard, 1) How can I get this issue resolved. 2) How to build my credit score.


CreditSmart Responds

Hello Raghava,

Thank you for your email, and I’m sorry to hear of the unfortunate case. First of all, I find it unusual that StanC would hold you responsible for the hacked charges. I’m sure you can easily prove you were not in the UK and these charges were not your own. A routine investigation should prove you to be telling the truth, and SC should remove those charges. I would further pursue action with SC about this.
If you have not done so already, purchase your full CIBIL report from directly so you see exactly what StanC has reported to CIBIL. Although there is a difference between ‘errors on your CIBIL report” and undeserved negative marks due to a hack situation, filling out the CIBIL dispute resolution form cannot hurt. At least this will get more eyes on the issue from people who are directly responsible for fixing it. After you have filed a dispute, Standard Chartered is required to respond. Here is the link: 
You Must Rebuild
Regarding your CIBIL score, all is not lost. People have come back to a strong CIBIL score after worse scenarios that you are going through. The first thing you can do is keep using other credit cards if you have them. Use them frequently for small purchases and pay them off in full each month. This will establish a pattern of on time payments, which is the most weighted factor when calculating your CIBIL Score. Do not apply for new credit for awhile, and make sure any other payments that are reported to CIBIL are on time.
There are so many ways to improve your score, I suggest starting here and search our database or recent articles.
Best of luck in resolving the hacking issue with SC, but know that rebuilding CIBIL is not instant, but definite.
Best Regards,
CreditSmart Staff
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