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Standard Chartered Rewards Cards Review 2017

An Overview of Standard Chartered’s Popular Rewards Cards

There are sub-types to this card, meaning you get varied bonus packages and offers distributed between two or more types of cards, which we will review here. You can apply for either one of these cards online at the Standard Chartered website.

How Does The Standard Chartered Credit Card Bonus Points Program Work?

Each time you shop with Standard Chartered credit cards, you gain reward points that you can redeem to avail discounts on purchases, including bills and the like.

  • The very idea of bonus points is to convert a bunch of them into digital currency. You will practically earn enough to buy something faster.
  • There are several reward options for you to take advantage of, nut just one or two options.
  • The Bonus Points Program lets you top up your rewards each time you go shopping at locations partnered with Standard Chartered.
  • Your area will most probably have a harvest of partners you can shop with and add to your bonus gains.

Travel, groceries, gas, dining, fashion, and online shopping in general all come under this purview of loyalty bonuses, rewards points, savings, discounts, and overall lifestyle enhancement.

1. Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum

Standard Chartered Inner Circle Platinum CardTheir original loyalty program and the lifestyle benefits that this card brings are attractive in their own right.

  • You get 5% cash-back in Auchan stores across India
  • From additional sale discounts to special privileges like exclusive previews, the Lifestyle store is not far behind on the action.
  • You can earn 6% of purchase-value back. That is nine times the reward points. All this at Inner Circle affiliated stores including Lifestyle.
  • INR 2,500 worth of coupons will be issued to your credit card as soon as you join the Inner Circle program.

The Inner Circle Platinum credit card is free for life and is viable for general credit use anywhere in the world.

 2. Platinum Rewards

The Platinum Rewards credit card caters to gas and dining out, to name two examples, letting you earn five times the reward points for each.

  • For every INR 150 that you spend on selected categories, you earn 2 reward points instead of 1.
  • For your fuel expenses, you are looking to make five times the reward points if you use this card to pay gas bills.
  • From movie tickets, holidays, golfing, retreats, dining and a host of other lifestyle possibilities, this card gets you access where before you may not have been able to afford such experiences.
  • If you plan on heading to a leading dining outlet or hotel, pay with this card and earn five times the reward points. There are huge opportunities for saving, especially considering that this feature is applicable both in India and abroad.

One of Standard Chartered’s simpler cards, Platinum Rewards grants you the chance to save and save some more.

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