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Take A Closer Look at the 2018 Citibank Rewards Card

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The Citibank Rewards Card 2018 Features

The Citi Rewards Credit Card offers a myriad of premium features, including but not limited to, complimentary extras, rewards, and welcome offers to its new users. After acquiring the credit card, Citibank awards you a 0% per annum interest rate on every balance transfer for the first 26 months.

Besides the alluring 0% P.A interest rate, Citi Rewards Credit Card grants you access to incentives such as a personal concierge service, six months international travel insurance, and right of entry into Citibank’s dining programs.

Without further ado, let us look at the mesmerizing features of the Citi Rewards Credit Card

On this section, I’ll prove to you all the more reason you should get a Citi Rewards Platinum Credit Card for yourself.

Balance transfer limit

Citi Rewards Credit Card permits you to transfer a maximum amount equivalent to 80% of your credit limit. For instance, let us say you apply for a Citi Rewards Credit Card, and you get approved for a Rs. 20,000 credit limit. This means you can transfer up to Rs. 16,000 dollars to other accounts and credit cards.

International usage

Citi Rewards Credit Card is a globally accepted card, implying you can also use it overseas.

Purchase rate

The credit card has a standard flexible purchase rate of 20.99% per annum

Interest-free days

If you clear your entire balances by the due dates on every statement, Citibank can award you up to 55 interest-free days on acquisitions. It’s impossible to be eligible for this incentive if you are carrying debts from a balance transfer.

Additional cardholders

With Citi Rewards Credit Card, you can add up to four extra cardholders to your account.

It will only cost you a small amount per year.

Welcome offers

You ‘ll receive 100,000 reward points after spending $3,000 on your credit card; provided you make the purchases within the first three months after your card’s approval.

You also receive 2,500 instant reward points upon card activation. After the first three months, if your monthly expenditure exceeds Rs. 300,000, Citi bank awards you 300 bonus reward points.

Protection from fraud

Citibank India uses Fraud shield technologies to safeguard your credit card information and combat any suspicious activity.

Annual Fee

Citi Rewards Credit Card renewal fee is Rs. 1000 per year. To avoid this yearly charge, ensure your purchases in the preceding membership year exceed Rs. 30,000.

Credit Shield plus

Citi Rewards Credit Card also offers Credit Shield plus. This provides coverage of up to Rs. 500,000 on the outstanding and clients can take full advantage of personal accident cover.

To apply for a Citi Rewards Credit Card, visit Citibank’s home page and click on the icon labeled “Credit cards.” Subsequently, click on “rewards card” from the drop-down list. Citibank will redirect you to page where you’ll be required to input your personal information and submit.

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