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Tata Titanium Card Excellent Card For Daily Spending | Review

Tata Titanium Card Excellent Card For Daily Spending | Review

Review of Tata Titanium Card

Tata Card is one of the renowned names in the field of credit cards. It offers a wide range of credit cards to customers keeping in mind their various requirements as well as preferences. One such credit card offered by Tata Card is the Tata Titanium Card.

Overview of the Tata Titanium Card

Tata Titanium Card offers a wide array of privileges to cardholders, along with a lot of savings and rewards. With several perks and features, this credit card allows card members to save nearly 5% on their every purchase. With awesome welcome gifts and premium offers, the Tata Titanium Card is a must-have card for anyone who likes shopping.


Benefits of the Tata Titanium Card

1. Welcome offers

  • Superb welcome vouchers and gifts that can be procured from various Tata outlets and several other famous national brands
  • When you make purchases of at least Rs. 2,000 within 60 days of signing up for this credit card, you can get 500 reward points amounting to Rs.500 in value

2. Reward points

  • When you spend Rs.100 on departmental and grocery store purchases, you can enjoy 3 times reward points
  • When you spend Rs. 100 on all other retail spends, you receive 1 reward point
  • 1 reward point = Rs. 1

3. Savings

  • Cardholders get cash back of 1.5% when they purchase items from Croma, including both brick and mortar and online Croma stores
  • Card members receive 5% value back on purchases made from Tata outlets

4. Fee reversal

When you spend a minimum of Rs. 75,000 per year with this card, your annual fees is waived off.

5. Fuel surcharge

This card allows cardholders to save 2.5% fuel surcharge every time they spend on fuel at all petrol pump stations within India.

Features of the Tata Titanium Card

1. Worldwide acceptance

The Tata Titanium Card is accepted around the world in over 24 million outlets and more than 3 lakh outlets within India. You just have to look for the MasterCard sign in order to avail this benefit.

2. Online railway ticket booking

Through this credit card, you can easily book your railway tickets online on the website of IRCTC. However, the transactions rely on the terms and conditions of IRCTC.

3. Add-on cards

Cardholders of the Tata Titanium Card are offered the perk of applying for supplementary cards for their parents, children aged above 18 years, and spouse.

4. Flexipay

Card members can benefit from the flexipay payment plan, which is a simple installment plan, wherein customers can purchase anything and then pay for it in convenient installments every month. Cardholders can choose the best plan according to their requirements at low interest rates.

5. Credit facility

Card members can take advantage of the extended credit facility that enables them to plan their outstanding payments. You can choose between the total and the minimum due amount per month with the unpaid balance carried forward at low interest rates.

Fees of the Tata Titanium Card
  • Annual fees: Rs. 499
  • Interest rates: 3.35% monthly or 40.2% yearly
  • Minimum due amount charges: Rs. 200 or 5% of the total outstanding amount with GST
  • Cash advance fees: 2.55% of the withdrawal amount or Rs. 300
  • Railway ticket surcharge: 2.55% of the transaction amount and Rs. 30
The Bottom Line

The Tata Titanium Card is a great card with a lot of privileges offered to card members. It offers a plethora of unlimited perks and incredible lifestyle features, including welcome offers, reward points, value back, fee reversal, etc. And, if you shop more at Croma and Tata outlets, then this card is certainly for you.

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