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The 5 Best Credit Cards In India For 2018 Revealed

The 5 Best Credit Cards In India For 2018 Revealed

We are keeping it simple this time! In the past we have gone through in depth reviews of each card and how it might impact your lifestyle. Finding the right card for you does take a bit of research and we encourage all readers to look through past CreditSmart reviews for a fuller picture of each card on the market. This post however, is straight to the point. Simply put we picked the 5 cards we think are best at this moment in 2018 with bullet points of the best features.

Find the one you like and apply as long as your CIBIL score is looking nice since approval on these cards is dependent on a decent CIBIL score. Links to individual card reviews are embedded below. Get your new card in 2018!


 SBI Simply Save

• 499 INR joining charges

• First ATM withdrawal cashback of 100 INR • Fuel surcharge waiver of 2.5%

• 4 reward points amount to 1 INR • Accepted worldwide • Flexipay EMI options


ICICI Coral Card

• 199 INR joining charges

• No annual fees for the first year

• 2.5% cashback on fuel payments

• Up to 15% savings on dining bills

• Discount of 100 INR on 2 movie tickets monthly

HDFC Moneyback Card

• No annual fees

• No joining fees

• Online payments give 3X reward points

• 2 reward points for spending 150 INR

• 100 reward points amount to 40 INR

• 250 INR fuel surcharge waiver in every billing cycle

 American Express Gold Card

• 1000 INR joining charges

• 4500 INR annual charges

• 4,000 reward points when the card is used 3 times in first 60 days

• 1,000 reward points when the card is used 6 times in a month for 1,000 INR or above transactions

• discounts

• No pre-set limit card

• Option to redeem with the gold collection of 18 and 24 carat • 20% discount on selected dining restaurants

• 1,000 INR BookMyShow vouchers

 SBI Platinum Card

• 2,999 INR joining charges

• 3,000 INR e-gift voucher

• 5 reward points equal to 1 INR

• 300 golf course access across the world

• EMI balance transfer option

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