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The Benefits Of Using Fuel Credit Cards

Fuel Credit Cards Put Your Saving On Overdrive


The Citibank IndianOil card is one of the better fuel cards in India for 2016.

With different types of credit cards available in the market, credit card consumers get a plethora of options. They can choose a credit card according to their preferences, spending habits, and expenses. Seeing the varied needs of their customers, different credit card issuers offer different types of credit cards, including rewards credit cards, cash back credit cards, fuel credit cards, air travel credit cards, low interest credit cards, etc., in order to lure more customers in this competitive world.

Among these, an extremely popular category is fuel credit cards. As the name suggests, these types of credit cards especially focus on fuel or oil needs of the consumer. With the increasing prices of diesel or petrol, many consumers are opting for fuel credit cards through which they can save some money on fuel.

Many banks have partnered with oil companies in order to offer several benefits and perks to customers who want to lower their fuel bills. So, before we see the best fuel credit card for you, let us look at some of the factors that you must consider before opting for a fuel credit card. These are also the benefits of fuel credit cards.

Considerations and benefits of fuel credit cards

Look for the below mentioned features or benefits, when you want to opt for a fuel credit card.

1. Fuel bill savings

Your fuel credit card must save your money on fuel. Make sure that the credit card you choose helps you to lower your fuel bills and purchases.

2. Savings on participating outlets

Ensure that the credit card is affiliated with the oil company from which you mostly get your fuel. In simple words, you should be able to use your fuel credit card on all fuel stations or your preferred fuel station.

If you do so, you can save on participating fuel stations. If you do not fill your fuel at just one fuel station, then look for a card that can be swiped at all fuel stations, otherwise you will not be able to get the benefits.

3. Fuel surcharge waivers

Fuel credit cards offer fuel surcharge waiver, which is generally of 2.5 per cent. You must see how much fuel surcharge is waived off on your fuel credit card and whether it is completely surrendered or not.

4. Low total expenditure

Fuel credit cards generally have low total spending limits. This means that you can avail their benefits with low expenditure also. See if your fuel credit card has low spending limits.

5. Reversed annual fees

You must opt for a fuel credit card with low or no fees. Or else, you can also look for a fuel credit card, whose annual fees can be reversed, if you spend a minimum amount of money on the credit card in a year. For instance, the IndianOil Citibank Platinum credit card has annual fees of Rs. 1,000, but it is reversed when you spend atleast Rs. 30,000 within a year.

6. Easy reward point redemption

Fuel credit cards can be easily redeemed for attractive gifts and vouchers. Check if your fuel credit card is easy to redeem without any hassles.

So, What’s A Great Fuel Card?

You can opt for IndianOil Citi Platinum Card, if you are looking for a fuel credit card, as it offers great benefits and rewards to cardholders. It comes with a complimentary first supplementary card and has international validity. It also saves your money on fuel purchases and offers cash back. With so many offers and benefits, IndianOil Citi Platinum Card can be your choice of credit card, when it comes to fuel credit cards.

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