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The Ladder To Growth And Success: Professional Courses

The Ladder To Growth And Success: Professional Courses

Editors Note: The following post is a guest blog from the people at Paysense. CreditSmart is not being paid for this guest blog in any way, we simply agreed to publish it as it is a topic we thought our readership would find interesting and worth learning about. – CreditSmart

The Ladder to Growth and Success: Professional Courses

Rajesh from Bangalore recalls how his one small decision, or how he calls it, ‘a financial risk’, helped him get the sought after promotion he had been waiting for, for five long years.

To give you guys some background, Rajesh worked in an FMCG giant. He was in the sales department and was keen on getting into marketing. He believed marketing was his passion and doing sales was just a stepping stone to enter the industry. But then, even after five years, he was not able to crack enter that department. In his understanding, the internet was to be blamed. The latest wave of digitization had brought in new tools of marketing which required a specialized skillset. Now marketing required you to know Google Adwords, Adsense, Facebook ads and what not.

Financing Is Always A Factor

This is when Rajesh decided to pursue a digital marketing course online from a reputed university. Finances were definitely an issue though, his salary division was pre-decided, half of it would go in giving rent, half of it to his parents and left over was his daily expenditure. There was no room for another spending, he did not have enough savings and didn’t want to ask his parents as well. This is when he decided to opt for a loan from Paysense. It was easy, flexible and convenient. He got the loan in one day and started his course.

Least to say that the course reaped him great results, not only did he get to learn so many new dimensions of marketing, he also secured a promotion in the marketing division of the firm.

Most of us also think of getting into a school or doing a professional course or want to pursue a long yearned hobby, but do we actually do it? The answer is mostly negative. We mostly think we are may be too old for it and we can’t afford more expenses. But in this dynamic world, taking up a professional course is more of an investment than an expense. It helps you up to keep a track of the changing technology, glocalise yourself a bit and get you that raise you are eyeing at. With more and more reputed universities offering online professional courses, it can be your first step towards being at the top of your field. Some of the websites like Coursera, EdX, and Udemy can surely help you find the course of your choice.

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