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Top 3 Smartest Credit Cards In India

Smartest Credit Cards In India -

If You’re Smart, Put These Cards In Your Wallet

Credit cards can give relief from those heavy cash you need to carry every time. It lets you make payment in future, when you get your salary. Credit cards offer a wide range of benefits and are undoubtedly considered as card cash. No more worrying about theft when you shift to credit cards.

In such circumstances, one thing people get confused in is selecting the best credit card available. There are hundreds of financial institutions offering thousands of cards. Millions of marketing mails are being sent and crores of rupees spent on advertisements, the competition between these credit cards have grown immensely. Selecting the appropriate card that would suit one’s lifestyle is essential.

Here are some cards that have been performing exceptionally well in the market for the past few years in all respects:

  •  ICICI Instant Platinum: 
  • ICICI Platinum Credit Card - CreditSmart.inThe most surprising fact is it doesn’t have any joining or annual fee. This credit card is most suitable for shopping. Frequent shoppers are the real beneficiaries of this card. It can be availed with a simple fixed deposit of RS 20000 for 180 days as a security deposit. Interest will be charged only on nonpayment of amount at 2.49% per month or 29.88% annually. It offers 15% discount at leading restaurant and Rs 200 movie ticket every month. 2.5% Fuel cash back at HPCL pumps up to rs 4000.However it can’t be issued to foreign nationals and minors. More details here.
  • SBI Gold:
  • sbi gold card CreditSmart.inThe second card we have in our list is SBI gold card. The status of this card can be known through mobile alerts and E statements will be regularly mailed. It allows flexible pay option of paying installments on a monthly option. However it provides the payment of utility services like electricity, insurance, telephone and booking of railway or airline tickets online. Cash can be withdrawn at VISA/MasterCard ATM’s. However this is suitable if you are making payments on a regular basis. Interest amounts to 3.35% per month pr 40.2% per year and joining fee is Rs 299 with additional Rs299 as annual charge.
  • HDFC Platinum Plus:
  • Platinum Plus HDFC Credit Card - CreditSmart.inThe third card we are going to present you is HDFC platinum plus card.  It offers Rs 250 as fuel surcharge waiver. It also offers 2 reward points for every Rs150 spent. And the surprising thing is there is no liability if by mistake you lose your card. It gives you 50 days interest free credit from the date of purchase. The card is also issued against fixed deposits and if you opt for it the interest liability gets reduced to 1.99% per month or 23.88% per annum. If not, it is 3.4% monthly and 40.8% per annum. The annual fee amounts to Rs 399.

However, one must do a careful analysis regarding the rate of interest, security deposit to be made, add on benefits offered, annual fee charged and other such benefits before opting for any given card. The selection of the appropriate card has a direct effect on your pockets. So be wise, be happy  Happy selecting!!

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