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Traffic Problems? Credit Cards Are Just Fine

Pay Traffic Fines With A Credit Card - India

You Can Soon Pay Traffic Fines With A Credit Card

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It is not as difficult or risky as the idea may seem in theory. Traffic fines are given out all the time, most of the time legitimately. Those who are fined and rightly so are then left with several options…

  • It will take a while or more to travel (fuel expense) to the police station or apt area to pay off that fine.
  • If there is traffic while going and coming, well, pooh on you.
  • Then you have the ‘circumstance hurdle’. What if something crucial came up and you left that payment to last minute and, you’d have guessed it, missed paying the fine? You are in default with that extra penalty payment added to your fine and waiting for you to waste time and expense to travel and pay it.

Now, what would happen if credit cards came on the scene? You will pay it then and there and be on your way; both you and the policeman/policewoman who caught you. There are so many people in India (duh) that it gets very annoying when situations arise with waiting lists, queues, and long-whatevers. Credit can solve your woes with a swipe, literally.

  • Mumbai and Hyderabad police are already talking about implementing measures to introduce credit fine payments on the fly. You make a mistake, are caught, fined, pay with your card, and be on your way.
  • Ahmedabad is fast catching on, with ideas of Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) machines helping produce challans.
  • All this is still in the pipeline and there is a very high chance that the credit-fine-pay system will come into effect.

The electronics being used need tenders to help release them for official use; this is soon going to land on all the right tables in government. A senior traffic department official is even on record saying, “There will be major changes in implementation and management of traffic rules in a short time. One of them will be introducing PDA machines.”

It is therefore not an idea of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the idea will be made official. Worried that the police will take advantage of this system to place wrongful blame on you? Photographs will be taken of the traffic rule violation (street and/or signal cameras, etc.) and posted directly to the traffic department’s online portal. If they made a mistake the officials will pay you, so in a way this could plausibly be a good thing.

Daydreams aside, the seriousness of traffic-related problems is nothing short of astounding.

  • 2012 saw 12 lakh incidents of traffic rule violations; maybe people were panicking about it being the Mayan-prophesied year for the end of the world and wanted to do something ‘naughty’ for a change.
  • Then came 2015; it just went by, in case you’re wondering which year it is. As of the November count for last year, a whopping 29 lakh traffic rule violations is sufficient reason to put one’s foot down; not on the pedal, mind you.

The government, to be honest, is secretly smiling. They earned a nice 17 crores or more from traffic fines in 2015 alone. With credit card usage, those fines will actually fall, because more people will be caught and more can be fined in a single day. People will see that their money is almost instantly being wasted; a psychological sense of their predicament will grip their senses.

According to a traffic officer, “”Sometimes commuters claim they have no cash. In such cases they will be able to pay fines by swiping cards. If they have no cards, the traffic department official on duty will enter his details in the machine and give him a challan.”

You can use that challan to pay online via net banking and stay within the time-frame. They are probably thinking of an app now to ‘encourage’ on-the-spot 3g-payment.

More immediate awareness of the dangers, less chance of repeats, safer cities and roads, less money for government officials to steal and smile, less money for hard-working though hasty citizens to lose and weep, and all’s well that ends well.

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