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UBER Credit Card Now Available In India | Full Review

UBER Credit Card Now Available In India | Full Review

Uber Loyalists Will Love This Co-Branded Card

The latest entry in the credit card market is by our own friendly taxi-rental service provider Uber. It has collaborated with British Bank, Barclays, to provide credit card services. With this, Uber became the first taxi service provider to do so in India.

UBER Credit Card Now Available In India | Full ReviewStarting November 2nd this year, those interested can apply for the Uber credit card online as well as from within the Uber app. This credit card would make your life simple for making payments at eateries, shops, hotels, and for all your Uber needs.

The Uber credit card comes free of cost as there is no annual fee to be paid on it. It comes with cashback and loyalty bonus. And, if you are someone who uses a credit card quite often, who knows, you can avail your Uber taxis for free. These lucrative deals are meant to attract customers in the initial stages so to make space in the already competitive market.

Benefits of the Uber Credit Card

1. No annual fees

There is no annual fee charged on this credit card. The card comes with zero transaction fees as well, which makes it an offer worth a try, keeping in mind the number of bonuses it provides for a free-of-cost card.

2. Sign-Up Bonus

For a frequent user who spends over Rs. 32000 in the first 90 days, Uber provides a sign-up bonus of Rs. 6500.

3. Cashback/Reward Points

Uber introduces a four-tiered structure for cashback and loyalty bonus on each spending. The four slabs of cashback are 1%, 2%, 3% and 4%.

  • In the 4% category, paying through Uber card for dining out in restaurants, bars, and UberEats app will fetch you  a 4% cashback. This could really make a desirable choice if the bill amount is big.
  • In the 3% category, Uber has kept airfare, vacation homes, and hotels.
  • The 2% category includes online shopping, online music, online video subscription, and Uber purchases.
  • The 1% category l includes all other spending made through the Uber credit card.

4. Online subscription offers

If a customer has a total spending of nearly Rs. 3,23,500 through the credit card, Uber offers them an annual credit of Rs. 3250 for making online subscriptions on websites like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

5. Mobile phone insurance

Uber offers Rs. 39,000 for theft of and damage to your Smartphone. The only condition is that the customer must pay their monthly mobile phone bill through this credit card.

6. Exclusive offers

Uber offers exclusive invites to selected customers in selected cities to various events and offers.

Features of the Uber Credit Card

  • Redeeming points on this credit card is simple and can be done through the app itself. Generally, the points can be redeemed within a few seconds, but it may take up to 24 hours in some particular cases. A maximum of Rs. 32,500 daily can be redeemed from this card. Also, there is no limit to the total points a customer is eligible to earn as long as their account is active.
  • Payment could be easily done from within the app or through their official website.
  • Applying is very simple as it gets most of the information from your Uber account.
Fees and other charges of the Uber Credit Card
  • Annual fees: Rs. 0
  • Foreign transaction fees: Rs. 0

The bottom line

The Uber credit card offers lucrative choices catering to the needs of its customers. It gives several other offers apart from its usual Uber rides. The sign-up bonus and the mobile insurance will keep a customer enrolled throughout the year. Additionally, the various cashback offers at hotels, restaurants, bars, etc. are lucrative for those who do not use Uber on a consistent level. This credit card offers the flexibility of redeeming points through Uber Credits, cashback, and gift cards. It is a great card for Uber loyalists as well as other people.

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