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How to Use A Citibank Credit Card to Get Amazing Discounts on the New iPhone

How to Use A Citibank Credit Card to Get Amazing Discounts on the New iPhone

Citibank Lets You Save On Apple’s Latest iPhone Offerings

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X devices are the most up to date and latest Smartphone models, which have been recently launched by Apple. People from all over the world have been waiting for this phone owing to its advanced features and properties.

Yes, the iPhone devices are expensive as a matter of fact. The Apple company has initiated the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 devices in India with charges starting from Rs 64,000. In this release year, there are scores of deals everywhere, just about where one can save a considerable portion of their money. A number of e-commerce sites are providing attractive buy back offers on top of the cash back provisions on credit cards through which any interested party can save more money.

If you too are of the many Apple enthusiasts, who have been hanging around on the rim of your seat for days for Apple’s fresh payment systems to become available, then your wait is over. You might be wondering how you can use the Apple Pay and Citibank credit cards to your benefit. In this article, we are going to show you exactly how and when you can do this.

Using your Citibank Credit Card

The provision of Apple Pay came to life in October 2014 and you can thus count on being capable of using your credit card of Citi‎bank to shell out expenditures with only a single touch. The Citibank credit card has since given out a number of provisional opportunities to its cardholders to get a cheaper access to buy any of the new iPhone devices.

CitiBank and Reliance Jio have also aligned to provide the iPhone 8 device, having 64GB, for only Rs.20,788 through Amazon India. Within this offer, if one buys the iPhone Smartphone by means of their World debit card or Citibank credit card, they are get cash back of Rs. 8,000 that will get credited to their account in 90 days. This cash back serves to bring down the cost of the iPhone 8 device (64GB) to Rs. 54,000.

Offer by Citibank on iPhone deals:

  • Through the Citibank credit card, one can avail cash back of Rs. 10,000 on pre-ordering the iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 devices at selected outlets and Flipkart web site, apps, and mobile sites.
  • Citibank cardholders can avail cash back of Rs. 10,000 on a pre-order of iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone 8 at, Jio Store, Reliance Digital, and with the Jio offer.

Conditions and Terms:

  • This offer is valid on all Citi World Debit and Citi credit cards that are issued in India, save for Citi Corporate Cards.
  • The Citibank offer is only applicable on the initial transaction for each card through the offer phase.
  • This Citibank offer is valid only for the pre-order transactions.
  • Any cash back is credited to the cardholder on or earlier than 90 business days as of the time of transaction for all active and open accounts of card members. The provided timeline for carrying out credit of the cash back is indicative only of expected periods and might show a discrepancy from the real credit date.
  • The add-on cards are to be seen as separate cards.

The Citibank credit card is an amazing card to get access to all such kind of deals now and in the near future. This card can allow its cardholders to get viable cash back on all their bill spends. Additionally, cardholders can enjoy great cash rebates savings and further saving advantages throughout the year.

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