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How To Know Your CIBIL Score For Free

How To Know Your Free CIBIL Score

Know Your CIBIL Score Free At Improving India's Credit EverydayIf you are considering taking a loan in any of the Indian financial or banking institutions, having a good CIBIL score is important for becoming eligible. Your CIBIL score consists of a three-digits that sum up an individual’s complete credit history.  It ranges from 300 to 900 and is based on the information present in the credit information report of the individual.


CIBIL denotes Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited. Established in the year 2000, it is a company located in India providing information on credit. It gathers and maintains records of credit of both commercial entities and individuals.  Credit card and loan payments and borrowing information is also included here.

Collected with the assistance of credit institutions and banks, the information is provided when requested by credit institutions for approval of credit or loan applications. CIBIL, also known as Credit Bureau is regulated by Credit Information Companies Regulation Act and licensed by RBI.

How important is a CIBIL score?

CIBIL score is considered important as a low score, which indicates bad credit, can make it difficult for a loan application to be approved. Banks check your credit score and the credit report, after you apply for a loan. Banks can reject the loan, if the score is low. A high score on the other hand can make your loan approval easier. But this is not the only criterion that is used for loan approval.

CreditSmart Free CIBIL Score Calculator

Know your CIBIL Score

To know your CIBIL score rating and to calculate it for free as many times as you want, you have a few options from us. You can try our cibil calculator here on the website or if you prefer to download the app, our CreditSmart Pro App on Android or Apple is also a free download. This is the easiest way to find about your CIBIL score estimate and it’s completely free.

Bookmark us and get finance articles on a daily basis that guide you on the ways by which you can improve your credit score and maintain an excellent credit rating. Set aside your worry about a bad CIBIL score, and start learning how to improve and maintain.

The steps to know your rating are simple. You need to set up an account with CreditSmart, which is free. After filling in the necessary details requested, you will be able to know your CIBIL score with the free calculator available.

Outstanding features of CreditSmart app

You can easily manage your credit and keep your score high with the following features present in Credit Smart.

Set up a free CreditSmart account to know about your CIBIL score

Get free monthly reminders to estimate the score accounting to know about changes in the score

Read the constantly updated articles that guide you on building your credit

Get recommendations as well as reviews of some of the popular credit cards used in India

Receive tips to boost your credit activities and enhance financial wealth

Be part of a fast growing user community and share valuable credit views.

You can also find CIBIL score from the official website of CIBIL. While this is an easy process, you will have to pay a nominal fee to see your score. Details such as name, address, birthdate, phone number, identity proof, income, and proof of address should be filled in to know your score.

But you can know about your CIBIL score without having to spend money by using CreditSmart. The process is easy and in addition to knowing about your score, you will receive a host of other benefits making it the best choice and solution for your credit score issues. Click here to get started on your free CIBIL score estimate.

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