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3 Easy To Get Credit Cards In India

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With Reasonable Requirements, Approval Is Generally Easy

Credit card users have increased in India at present, with many of them using multiple cards. Online shopping has become a mainstay now making credit cards very handy for payments, especially if you use an international site for shopping.

For Indian websites, although credit cards are not necessary, it certainly helps. Further, if you own an online business, a credit card is vital. It helps to send and receive payments via PayPal and other such payment portals.

Choosing a credit card involves several considerations such as the interest rate, annual fees and other additional charges, rewards, customer service, convenience in paying the bills and ease of applying for the card.

The credit card companies for their part ehave certain eligibility requirements such as salary, credit history, residence and employment on the grounds of which they can reject an application. In view of the above factors, knowing about credit cards that are easy to get will help you open an account easily, and without any reservations regarding the charges. Here are three easy to get credit cards in India.

1. ICICI Instant Platinum 


ICICI Platinum Credit Card - CreditSmart.inIf you have not availed a loan from a bank or financial institution, you will not have any credit score or history. But with regular use of credit card, you can build your credit score and history. ICICI bank credit card is the most easiest to apply for. You need to just set up a fixed deposit in your savings account with the bank. Once the fixed deposit is done, you can just log in to the ICICI banking feature online and apply for the credit card.No annual fee is charged on this card.


• For each Rs.100 spent on the card, you get 3 points as payback

• Get up to Rs.100 off on movie ticket charges twice in a month

• 15 percent savings on restaurant spending

• 2.5 percent waiver on fuel surcharge for a maximum amount of Rs. 4000 only at HPCL pumps

• Card replacement and emergency assistance services globally

The credit limit provided is based on the total amount of money in fixed deposit. You will also earn interest rate on the fixed deposit.

Apply For The ICICI Instant Platinum Card Here

2. HDFC Money back


HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card ReviewThis card is a good choice, if you are a regular online shopper. It gives 6 points as reward, for every Rs. 150 you spend. With each point valued at 30 paisa, you will get Rs1.80 for Rs.150, which is over 1 percent return for the money you spend. This is an offer that is not available with other credit cards.HDFC offers the card free of any charge for lifetime


• Rewards can be redeemed at 100, which equals to Rs. 40

• 2.5 percent waiver on fuel surcharge

• For the first transaction that is of Rs.1000, Rs.250 cash back is offered when done within 45 days of opening the account.

• Online purchases give six reward points, while retail purchases earn 2 points for every Rs.150 that is spent on the card.


3. American Express Payback Card


American-Express-PAYBACK-Credit-Card-Features-300x190Offline shoppers who frequent stores such as Pantaloons, Central or Big Bazaar will find the payback card from American Express a good one. But this is not a good choice for online shopping, travel or grocery shopping.Cardholders should pay Rs.750 as annual fee along with the applicable tax amount. The fee can be waived from the second year, if you spend over 1, 50,000 per year.


• Rs.3000 worth of welcome vouchers

• 3 reward points for each Rs.100 spent on Utilities, fuel, cash transactions and insurance

• 900 bonus points for spending an amount of Rs. 15,000 within the initial 60 days.

For many people a simple and hassle free opening of credit account is a deciding factor, while choosing a credit card. By knowing about the easiestcredit cards to apply, you can decide on the card offer that suits your needs the best.

Apply For The Payback Card Here

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